Soup of the Day


Mixed small side salad 3,50 €
Mixed big salad of the saison 9,80 €
Mixed salad served with chicken sticks   11,20 €
Mixed salad served with sticks of mozzarella   11,50 €

German Snacks

Schrödls trilogy Crackling, Obazder and Calf’s liver served with crusty bread 6,90 €
Obazder Franconian cheese specialtiy served with onions, paprika and crusty bread 6,90 €
„Brotzeitbrettl“ Mixed platter of cold cuts served with butter an crusty bread 8,90 €
Franconian aspic Served with rings of raw onions, vinegar, oil and bread 8,90 €
„Stadtwurst“ Sliced pork sausage served with rings of raw onions, vinegar, oil and bread 7,50 €

Local Franconian sausages

3 Franconian sausages served with bread 6,50 €
3 Franconian sausages served with Sauerkraut or potato salad 7,80 €
„Sauere Zipfel“ 3 Franconian sausages boiled in wine and onions with crusty bread 7,80 €
A couple of smoked sausages served with Sauerkraut and crusty bread 7,20 €

Main courses

Dumpling served with gravy 3,50 €
Cheese noodles „Spätzle“ served with roasted onions and mixed salad 9,20 €
Franconian stuffed cabbage leaves served with mashed potato, gravy and roasted onions 9,20 €
Wiener Schnitzel (pork) served with homemade potato-cucumber-salad 11,20 €
Cordon Bleu (Schnitzel filled with ham and cheese) served with homemade
potato salad or french fries
12,80 €
„Schäufele“ Crispy roasted pork shoulder served with dumpling, gravy and coleslaw 12,80 €
Roast pork with crispy crust served with dumpling and homemade coleslaw 9,90 €
Lumberjack Steak served with roast potatoes 13,20 €
Fried pike-perch fillet served with fresh vegetables and hash browns 14,80 €

Side dishes

Side dishes 3,50 €
Of course, you can also order all of our side dishes separately!


Apple strudel served with custard and vanilla ice cream 5,80 €
Homemade apple beignets served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 5,80 €

All our dishes are also for take away!

For information on ingredients, additives and allergens in dishes and drinks please ask.